Why We are Better than Wix

Hint: to “build your own website” is not so cheap after all

There has been a recent trend of “do-it-yourself” / “free website builders”. Companies such as: Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and Shopify ( to name a few) offer premade layouts for customers trying to save a few bucks. There is nothing wrong with this. After all, who doesn’t love a bargain? But is underpaying now costing you more in the future?

In this article we give you a brief overview of what these companies offer. It is up to you to make the decision of what is right for your business.

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Website Builder 101:

A website builder is a company that offers tools to help you make your own website. Since you are putting in the work, services are offered at discounted prices. Some companies even offer a free plan or a free trial to spark your interest. Others even advertise a “free website”.

Website builders have specialized in different areas. For example:

  • Shopify : e-commerce / online store
  • Squarespace : modern and sleek pre-made template designs
  • Wix: easy to use ( wix code, wix editor, wix ADI ( artificial design intelligence) )
  • Weebly: business focused
  • WordPress: blog posts
75% of online users judge a website’s credibility by its design!

The link between great design and credibility:

With companies that claim to offer it all at a cheap price, it is very easy to lose sight of the importance of a good website. We see more and more people just wanting a website, instead of placing value on creating an online presence that is worth your customer’s time. There is nothing worse than having a customer visit your website and leaving with a mediocre or even sour taste of what it is you are offering.

You have one time to make a first impression. Make it count! Research suggests 75% of online users judge a website’s credibility simply on how it looks! (Stanford)

Pre-made website templates can hurt your individuality. They make it hard for your small business website to stand out from your competitors. Dragging and dropping images into templates might seem a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it will only take you so far.

Professional web designers are experts at identifying what makes a successful website. The art lies in the details. Making sure your load time is quick and your website is mobile friendly are just two examples. Let’s not even mention a content management system or email address management.

Users can and will tell how professional a website is. When your online credibility is so easily called into question, you really have to think if this is the right strategy for investing in your website.

To code or not to code:

Website builders claim you do not need to know coding or website design for you to create your own website. The reality is not knowing anything about code can hurt your design choices and it can limit your capabilities, even when using website builders. If you want to brand your website ( ex. Logo) , you have to at least be able to code to aminimal degree.

For busy business owners, this simply is not the best use of their time. Spending hours trying to research ways to use a small feature is unproductive and is not very efficient.

seo for small business
SEO is a complex strategy

Are page builders bad for SEO?

The whole point of a website is to be found by the right people. Search Engine Optimization is a complex strategy that aims to pinpoint the exact niche your website is filling. It helps users find you with ease via a search engine.

There are many elements a search engine uses to rank your website. One of them is clean code. Website builders are not famous for clean code. Adding a template, plus different third-party plugins is not defined as clean code for search engines, like Google.

Cheap does not equal value:

Website builders are famous for their cheap prices. They advertise sleek premade templates that are easy to use. Wix offers a free domain, but simple features like a custom domain can later be personalized at an additional fee. Companies like these are great for people who want minimal website investment.

If you were looking to create a solid online presence, these website builders are a waste of money and of your valuable time.

Choose quality:

Your website is becoming the front line image of your business. The way you portray your website says a lot about who you are and the quality of your products or services. Here at Airodigitial, we offer professional and customized websites that involve you and your business goals. Our personalized website maintenance services take care of everything, so you do not have to.

We value your time and your investment. Give us a call or send us an email. We are eager to help you bring value to your online presence!.