Why is Social Media Marketing Important

Easy ways you can boost your brand awareness and your online presence

Social media is growing every day. Social media platforms are becoming more popular daily. Social media has become a part of our lives.

In a previous article, we explain the different kinds of digital marketing. Social media Is one of them. Today, we will be explaining why social networks can be a very valuable tool for your small business.

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Pick the right social platform for your small business

To get started with social media, you first have to choose what platform you will use. There are plenty of social media platforms available. Some examples are Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Depending on your small business, you will want to select one or more of these social media channels.

You are aiming to use a platform that will enable you to reach your audience and deliver your brand’s message. Think of what audience uses each platform and decide which one will work best for you. For instance, a younger audience prefers TikTok or an older generation could prefer Facebook.

Before creating a social media profile, think of the following question:
– Are you ready to make a commitment to your audience?

Commitment is the #1 factor that differentiates a good profile from a great one. It takes time and effort to build trust with your audience. Consistency is key. This does not mean that you have to be overly active on the platform. You just have to be present consistently.

For example, if you plan to share content once a week, make sure you always follow through. It is better for you to follow a consistent schedule. For example: sharing content every day for a week and not paying attention to your profile for the next month.

By having a consistent schedule, you create an expectation for your audience. Your content will become familiar. With time, you will gain more trust and brand loyalty.

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Social media as an extension of your customer service

Customer Service & Social Media

It is very helpful to think of your social media platform as an extension of your customer service. Because you are dealing with your customers directly, you want to make sure that you represent your brand optimally.

If you take advantage of your platform, you can be more accessible to your customers and potential customers. Brands that have taken advantage of this, have created brand loyalty. Customers appreciate when companies invest time and effort in their online and social media presence.

Another very important point of a social media platform is that you can reach a different audience than that of your website. You can also include your website address in your social media profile. If a potential customer has any questions about your business, they can always head to your website from the link in your profile. This feature helps you increase your website traffic. 

Get to know your audience

Once you start gaining popularity within your social media platform, you can take advantage of the information you have. Your followers or friends (this will depend on your platform) will tell you a lot about who your ideal client is. You can use this information to create content that is more relevant to your target audience. By analyzing your audience in depth, you will learn specific demographic information that will help your SEO and your paid advertising campaigns.

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We handle Digital Marketing

Marketing Campaign

As I mentioned previously, the data you can extract from your social media audience is very useful. Another useful tool is social media marketing. Each platform markets their own advertising within the platform. They can use information that you already have to target a similar audience. Similar to search engines, social media platforms keep track of information users search for in their platform. They then use this information to target your paid advertising to the right audience.

Organic Growth

Organic growth is similar to free advertising.When your audience genuinely loves your content, they share it with the people they know. This is why creating quality content is so important. People love to talk about what they like.

Small videos or interesting articles are all good ideas for shareable content. Humor is also a great way to capture the attention of your audience. It is also very easy and fun to share! Think of ways in which you can engage with your customers and get them to respond positively to what you post. A good exercise is to think about your ideal client. Think of scenarios in which this ideal client shares your content. Be creative!

Airodigital Social Media Management

Creating a social media profile is a great idea for all small businesses. Regardless if you have a small or a large budget, social media is a very flexible space. You can create your own content marketing and you can advertise on social media. Here at Airodigital, we offer professional social media marketing services. We build your brand awareness and we manage your social media profiles. We keep up with a consistent content schedule and we help you understand the value of your platform. You can read more about our social media management services.