The Advantages Of Using Google Analytics

Why every small business should know its importance

Google Analytics is one of the best marketing tools available, especially for small businesses.To add to its greatness, it is absolutely free. In this article, we will tell you all about its importance and why it should be a part of your monthly website maintenance routine. Google Analytics analyzes your website and gathers key information about your online presence. It also offers many different tools to assess how well your website is doing and what are the areas you can improve on.

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Airodigital’s website maintenance team uses Google Analytics to enhance your website analysis and to further understand website performance and goals. We give you access to this data so that you are able to confirm if your website is truly performing to your expectations. Your online goals are at the root of what we do best. We want your small business website to be successful.

So, what insight can Google Analytics bring to your small business website?

The Advantages Of Using Google Analytics
How to check website traffic

Website traffic – How many people are visiting your website?

You can keep an eye on this number to see if your website traffic is increasing or decreasing month to month. It will also tell you about the demographic that is visiting your website: age, gender, geographic locations. This tool can even shed light to your marketing campaign by compiling more information about your “ideal client”. For instance, if your website is showing more incoming traffic, are you noticing an increase in new customers? You can then analyze if you are directing your content or SEO strategy in the right direction.

The Advantages Of Using Google Analytics
What is the average time visitor spent on your website?

Time spent on your website – What is the average amount of time people spend on your website?

This information helps you understand how well you have captured the attention of your visitors. If the time is too short, then a good strategy is to change your website to a better layout. Our web developers are well equipped interpreting this data and can help you pinpoint where you can optimize your website.

The Advantages Of Using Google Analytics
How do I find the most popular pages on my website?

Most popular pages – What catches the eye of your visitors?

Knowing which of your website pages is most popular helps you understand what your visitors are looking for. It gives you feedback on what is working and what is not. Making adjustments is part of web design. Knowing where you should be focusing our attention makes the process a lot more efficient. It also helps to know what pages are lacking traffic to adjust accordingly.

The Advantages Of Using Google Analytics

Most used devices visiting your site – Desktop, mobile or tablet?

This is a great statistic to know these days. A lot of online activity is coming from cellphones and tablets. Perhaps your customers use one more than another. With this information, can be used to adapt your website’s SEO to these channels and more specific search queries.

The Advantages Of Using Google Analytics
Get your users location from google analytics.

Location of your visitors – Where are your potential customer?

This tool informs you more about who visits your website and where they are geographically. Tailoring your website to location can bring you closer to your potential customers. Being more visible to local visitors increases the chance of bringing in new customers.

The Advantages Of Using Google Analytics
How can I find out where my traffic is coming from?

Where do people find you? – Social media, search engine, directories?

The channel is extremely important to understand what is bringing in new traffic. This is especially important for small businesses since it is one of the main ways to use online visibility to increase customers. At Airodigital we use this traffic information to better target our strategies to bring in more of what is already working for our customers. We also set up campaigns to further enhance these organic streams of visitors.

As professional website developers we value the importance of all of these factors during your routine website maintenance. With these, we bring in real data to present our customers with the necessary follow-ups month to month. This valuable data will help us make strategic decisions to increase your online visibility and popularity.

Let’s illustrate an example. We can look at your website and identify which page is less popular. We would proceed to adjust this page’s keywords or design. Another example would be to check for mobile visits to your website. If your target is higher, we can work on specific revisions to enhance the visibility and load time for mobile users. The process is all about nailing what is our customer’s goal and how can we adjust their website strategy to match these goals.

As you can see by now, Google Analytics can tell you so much more than the quantity of traffic to your website. Taking full advantage of it can mean more customers for your small business. By paying attention to this data, our website developers have the potential to turn this into gold. This translates to more visitors and more sales. Although this process takes time, it is the small and efficient steps in the right direction that take you where you want to be. 

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