The Importance Of Online Directory Listings

An easy way to add trust and reputation to your online presence

Why should you register your small business in online business directories? Having a local listing that validates your business is a small step in establishing your online credibility. A small step that increases your online visibility and trust. Some may think having an online presence is simply having a website. This is not the only aspect to it. This article will explain two important concepts. Why are online business directories so important? And, how do you choose the right ones?

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What is an online business directory?

An online business directory is a website that lists businesses in specific categories. The listings include information such as name, address, number and other specific contact information. It is a great place for potential customers to find local listings that can be useful to them. Being registered in a listing puts you closer to a future customer. It is a tool that increases your online visibility.

Why should this be a part of your monthly website maintenance?

A successful website is composed of many small aspects that add up together. Every external link from a reputable source builds a stronger online presence. It creates a uniform perspective of your brand.

There are business directories that pull up information and addresses from larger directories. Your website information may be automatically pulled in one of these directories without you necessarily having signed up for it yourself. With regular website maintenance you can also check these automatic listings. All your information should always be the same in each listing. Ensure customers always have your correct contact information.

Validate your Brand

Directories are a great way to get more exposure on the internet. Having your website listed in reputable directories confirms your presence and your reputation. Being present in various listings allows potential customers to validate your business and gain trust. You are building a more holistic online image. Even though a customer might not click on your listing profile, you are still present. Your brand logo and image will appear. Perhaps at another time, a customer might recognize your brand and choose your business because it already looks familiar.

Enhance your SEO

Online directories offer other benefits aside from simply being an external link to your website. Reputable directories are ranked highly by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you are listed, you will naturally also be ranked higher. Building your SEO takes time. Register your profile and achieve increased traffic sooner.

top directories for small businesses

What are the top directories for small businesses?

Google holds about 91% of online searches (as of August 2019). When it comes to local services, the majority of search results are populated by directories and listings.

The most popular directories depend on your business industry. You want to focus only in the most reputable ones. While some directories group a wide variety of services, ( think of Yelp, BBB and Yellow Pages), most directories are specialized. Great website maintenance companies make sure to list your business in the appropriate directories specific to your small business. For example, let’s say you have a small law firm business in Austin, Texas. You want your website listing to appear when someone in Austin searches for “ law firms near me”. Having your website listed throughout reputable internet sources increases the chance of a local potential customer finding you.

A word of caution: it is crucial you only choose the top online directories for your business. Listing your website everywhere could be perceived as “spam” by a search engine. Remember, less is more. Quality over quantity.

correlation of backlinks serps
Every external link from a reputable source builds a stronger online presence

Summary about listing your small business in online directories

Here is a small summary of what we suggest are the best tips when it comes to listing your small business in online directories:

  • Only list your small business in the most reputable directories. ( General or industry specific)
  • Make sure your contact information is the same for each listing. ( This includes logo and contact information. )
  • Fill out your listing profile as completely as possible. Include more than just your business name and phone number. Add a small bio, your website, email, location, as well as business hours.
  • Before registering with any website, make sure it aligns with your business values. Ensure their business practices do not go against your own.

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