Local Web Design for Small Businesses

Simple website design ideas that will inspire you to update your website today

In this article, we will cover some of our highly recommended tips for optimizing your website for your local customer. Websites can be customized for a global or local audience. We aren’t simply referring to SEO, but we are talking more about the different aesthetics and graphic design that differ between a local and global crowd. The right web design will appeal to the local consumer and will create a connection with current and potential customers alike. By focusing on what appeals to your local community, your small business can use its website as a gate to more sales and more website traffic.

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Local Web Design for Small Businesses
Purpose of a website for a business

Purpose of a Website

Although pretty basic, the purpose of your website is the anchor to your online content. During this modern era, everyone benefits from a website. We cover the ideal types of websites for different kinds of small businesses here. To further enhance the user experience of your site, it is good to think of why people would visit your page.


  • If you have a physical store or office, your local clients will benefit from having easy to access information about your store (Think hours and location).
  • If you have a bakery with seasonal desserts or dishes, a maintained website can keep your clients informed about new flavors and new menus.
  • If you are a local contractor, your website can include reviews and photographs of your work.

A website should be a continuation of your actual business. Think of your webpage as a complimentary digital presence. Make sure that your website looks professional and gives off the same vibe ( or better ) than your physical location.

Local Web Design for Small Businesses
We design better user experience for your business

Quick and Easy

Now that you have given some thought as to why your local customer would visit your website, everything becomes much easier. Information like store hours, location and contact information are one of the most common reasons why people visit a local website. They want to know more! Make this information easy to access and find. We suggest businesses to include this information in their homepage. Our web designers can even create a small header with essential information for eye-catching visuals. A website that is easy to navigate speaks volumes about your business. It represents you in the best way and is equivalent to optimal customer service.

Building a website is all about having the ideal customer in mind. You want to make the experience as pleasant and easy as possible. It is an art! Local business websites thrive on creating a personal connection with their visitors.

Local Web Design for Small Businesses
Increase website traffic and potential customers

Growth – Increase website traffic and potential customers

When you design and customize your website for a local audience, you also do the same on the back end. Although SEO is not the main topic of this article, it is important to highlight its importance. Investing time and thought in the website layout and design will complement your local SEO strategy. A customer searching for local results will arrive at your website and will be welcomed by a locally focused website. This synchronicity will lessen the bounce rate from your site.

In addition, local websites can be a gate to social media. Include Call to Action (CTA) buttons to check your social media page. Also, you can create forms and landing pages to collect customer emails and information. Use your website to enhance the scope of your business within your community.

Where are you located?

Obvious, but often overlooked, your location is very important if you want customers to easily find you. Create a map of where you are located so visitors can easily visualize your location. It helps to include familiar local landmarks. We would suggest being creative with your map. Make it engaging and familiar. You want the customer to feel at home and welcome to your physical office or location.

Connect with your visitors

The magic about a local website, in comparison to a global one, is that you can forge a personal connection with every visitor. You have the advantage! You know what the typical customer in your area is like. Our website designers love to learn more about the local scene and city to really understand the colors and imagery that are familiar to the local audience. A great tip is to include an image of your local landmark or a popular local event. Tie yourself to your community! The more involved to your local environment you appear, the more familiar you become as a local business.

Another highly functional tip is to include the colors of your city or your city’s sports team in a picture. Studies suggest including familiar colors can help the mind associate positive experiences with your website.

Local Web Design for Small Businesses
Customer Support Websites

Content Management System

It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t! Creating content for a local audience is more straightforward than a business owner can imagine. 

  • Do you participate in local charities or events? 
  • Do you have seasonal sales or special promotions? 

Events of this sort are excellent material to include as content in your website. Make sure to use many images and local references. You want your content strategy to be in line with your business and also with your audience. Content strategy is also very important for keeping your local audience engaged in your website. 

Besides quick information like store hours or contact forms, a consistent content strategy will inform visitors and will give them another reason to visit your website. If what you offer is of value, you can become a trusted local source of information for your given industry.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is just as important as website development. You need to maintain your website consistently. Consistent web maintenance ensures your design and development are up to date and working. That means no broken links and disappointed customers. It also increases your chances of scoring higher with search engines. Having a search engine optimized website ensures all the effort placed on your small business website is worthwhile. After all, what is the point of an eye-catching website with lovely pictures, if it is not optimized to bring the right visitor?

Start redesigning your website for local customers!

Unless you have a global or nationwide business, it is very common for websites to be locally customized. By designing your website with familiar colors, using images of local landmarks and tying your business to your community, you can achieve a greater connection with your audience. Website design and development work in tandem to achieve a website that resonates with the right audience. Airodigital believes in helping you create the ideal website for your business. Click here to know more about our website design services.