How to buy a new domain and how to transfer a domain

It is easier than you think!

In this article we will be covering two very important topics: how to register and how to transfer a domain name. This is our second article of a two-part series about the basics of domains. In the first article, we explained what domains are and how to find the perfect domain name for your small business. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to read article 1 here!.

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How to register a new domain

After you choose a domain name, you will want to register it! For this, you will need a domain registrar. Domain name registrars are companies that register domain names. There are so many companies available for you to choose. You can simply type, “ Domain registrars” on google for a long list of options. Examples are: namecheap, godaddy, etc. ( We currently use Namecheap.)

With such a wide variety, you might find it hard to choose from them all. The good news is that they are all pretty much equivalent to a certain degree. You can base your decision off of domain price or off of the services they provide. Some registrars act as a web host as well. Others offer ssl certificates and/or email services.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can decide if it is worth to pay for these extra services. Some registrars upcharge certain services you might not need. Take a moment to analyze what you need from your registrar and go from there. ( The good thing is that transferring from one to another is easy and inexpensive.)

Quick Fact: The only instance in which you would want to select a specific domain registrar is for local domains. Examples would be domains ending with, etc. These domain name extensions are usually better bought with their corresponding local registrar.

Once you decide on your domain registrar, all you have to do is search for your domain name on their website. The process is pretty straightforward from there. You will see many different domain name options and their price. You will also notice that you can purchase your domain for different periods of time. You can purchase for 1 year or even for 10 years, it depends on your registrar. Note, whenever your timeframe expires, you must renew your purchase to keep ownership of your domain.

Once you have selected and paid for your domain. You will receive an email confirmation and your domain name registration is complete. Congratulations, you own a new web address.

Example: If you choose to buy your domain for 1 year, you always have the option to extend an additional year when you renew your domain. Remember to renew your domain name! If you do not, you will lose it!

How to buy a new domain and how to transfer a domain
How to transfer a domain

Transferring domains

When you transfer a domain, you are changing your current domain registrar to a different one. There are plenty of reasons why you might need to transfer from one domain registrar to another one. Whatever your reason, we have good news. It is super easy and it just takes some simple steps. Plus, there is no cost associated with doing so.

The transfer process will be slightly different depending on what registrar you are transferring to and from. Nonetheless, a basic transfer will involve the following: transfer locks, authorization codes and confirmation emails.

When you submit a transfer request, the domain registrar must confirm your identity, your transfer destination and your permission to proceed. Transfer locks ensure your domain is not transferred without your knowledge. Authorization codes ( also called epp codes) give you permission to make the transfer. Confirmation emails are sent to the email address used to register the domain to verify your identity.

Note: If you want to proceed with a domain name transfer, you have to make sure that it has been at least 60 days since you purchased or transferred your domain name. This rule is set in place by ICANN, The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers. Click here if you want to learn more about this mandate.

Here at Airodigital, we work with you to make this process as easy as possible with minimal effort on your part. Our customer support team works directly with our clients to maintain, purchase and/or transfer their domains. Maintaining your domain is an essential part to your online presence and website maintenance.