Websites that Appeal to Millennials

Web design and digital marketing for the millennial generation

In this article we will be talking about the millennial generation. Millennials, or Generation Y, are the people born from the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s. This generation follows Generation X and the Baby Boomers generation. Each generation is characterized by different traits and tastes that make it stand out from the rest of the population. We will be delving deeper into what tools and designs you can add to your website to better appeal to the millennial generation. Small changes or incorporations to your website can really make an impact in your marketing strategy down the line.

Websites that Appeal to Millennials

Social Media Content Sharing

Social media started when Millennials were in school. Being the early adopters of social media, millennials have embraced this culture. It seems like social media has taken over. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok just to mention a few, have changed the way we use the internet. Social media has brought so many people together in a more social and relatable way. For millennials, social media has been somewhat of a unifying fabric that has meshed society together. For businesses, social media has been a completely new playing field that has given us an opportunity to get closer to customers.

Studies have shown millennials like to buy from companies that align with their beliefs. They feel they must relate to the brand in some way or another. Social media is one of the best ( and affordable ) ways to reach this degree of trust with the millennial audience. Businesses that show who they are and what they stand for , stand a higher chance of being trusted and accepted with millennials.

Millennials are heavily influenced by what they see on their online platforms. Studies show that more than 80 percent of millennials do not trust traditional methods of advertising. The percent of people open to new forms of advertising is enormous. This means businesses must rely more on their online social presence and also on online customer reviews. Social sharing is one of the main vehicles for spreading your brand message effectively. Video content, such as video tutorials, are especially effective in capturing customer engagement.

Millennials are more likely to buy something if they see someone they know or recognize on social media using it or talking about the benefits. Large companies like Uber started using social media and credit early raving customers about their current success. If your customers are happy with your products/services, ask them to leave a review! Customers love sharing their experiences.

Our tip: Add easy to see buttons to share your website content on social media.

All about convenience

Millennials are all about convenience and user experience . By being exposed to the internet from an early age, this generation has gotten used to having answers just a few clicks away. A google search will answer any question you might have. This instant gratification is what millennials expect. Businesses have started using chatbots and live chats on their website to cater to this crowd. With these tools, customers can easily ask questions about the business, an order or simply ask more questions about the product or service being offered. If you decide not to, make sure your business support center is equipped to attend to customers in a timely manner. Great customer service never goes out of fashion.

Our tip: Add a friendly chatbot to your website.

Websites that Appeal to Millennials

Target and keep your customers

The millennial generation makes up around 25% of the US population and its buying power is more than 1 trillion dollars. This gives us a clue of the potential we can reach by targeting this portion of the population. Not only do you want to sell to this audience, but you want to keep them as customers.

Many businesses have adopted a great way to keep customers coming back: loyalty programs! Customers like to feel like they matter. Establishing a loyalty program for your customers lets them know you value their business and you extend that gratitude with discounts, promotions or early access to new products. There is nothing better than feeling unique and special. Creating a loyalty program benefits you and your customers. Instead of choosing the competition on a future purchase, customers will find more to look forward to with a loyalty program with enticing rewards.

Our Tip: Start a customer loyalty program for your return customers.

Websites that appeal to millennials are easy to use and access. They cater to the “instant gratification” mentality of seeing results quickly. We suggest making your website mobile friendly and having a solid online platform to connect with your customers more closely and more effectively. Enrich your website with a modern design and a chatbot to stand out from the crowd. Start a loyalty program for your customers and reach the right millennial audience today. Our Airodigital team is ready to help you out in targeting the millennial generation. Contact us today for a free consultation of your website!