Tips to get started with Email Marketing

Tips to get started with Email Marketing

An easy way to reach a wider audience

Email newsletters are becoming more popular every day. You open your inbox and notice many emails. Some from familiar faces or stores and others that seem absolutely random. Having email contacts has become a valuable tool that can be used for growing your business. Why so? Because you have the means to reach your customers directly for free.

In this article, we will talk about the basics of how to get started with an email campaign. We will cover email templates and the best practices for starting a successful email campaign.

Strive for visually appealing designs that will elicit customer interest

Emails shouldn’t be boring. Use your company’s colors to find modern templates that match your brand’s culture. The best practice is to decide on a general email aesthetic and stay consistent. A uniform design with your emails will help customers identify and be familiar with your brand. The positive aspect of having email templates is that you do not depend on web designers to be adjusting your emails. You are free to easily modify the email templates as you go. Obviously, if you are looking for a more personalized email template, then seeking the help of a professional web designer is ideal for your brand.

Tip: Our design team recommends leaving plenty of white space in your email template. Emails can become very overwhelming and crowded. Less is more!

How to write a persuasive marketing email
How to write a persuasive marketing email

Writing your Email copy: be conversational

Picture your audience and think about how they communicate. Write your email copy as simply and concisely as you can. Readers appreciate easy to understand reading, especially in their inboxes. You want to approach your readers as if you were engaging in conversation. It should never sound “generic”.

If your reader takes the time to open your email, you want to make sure the experience is positive. The key is to keep your audience engaged so that they continue opening your emails in the future. The last thing you want is for your customers to classify your emails as spam.

In a previous blog post, we talked about the importance of Digital Marketing and narrowing your customer profile. A few questions that will guide you towards writing to your target audience are:

  • How does the reader benefit from my email?
  • Why is this email worth their time?

You grab your reader’s attention with a catchy email subject line. The format to use is the following: Your Brand Name, Subject Line, Preview Text.

Brand Name – Tell readers who you are.
Subject Line – This is the first idea your reader has about what you have to offer. It should be interesting and easy to understand. It can also be a highlight about the ideas you talk about in your email.
Preview Text: Additional information that adds to your subject line.

How to make an email campaign successful
How to run a successful email marketing campaign

Choose the right pictures

As some say, “an image is worth a thousand words”. In email marketing, there is nothing different. They are meant to complement your text. They shouldn’t, however, distract readers from your content. As a supplement, we suggest bold images that are not overly detailed.

If you will be using images, make sure you comply with any copyright restrictions. If you have any brand images or logo, it is a great idea to incorporate them into your main templates.

Email Marketing Campaign Success

Once you have established your email templates and a few email copies you are ready to get started with your email marketing campaign. We suggest creating a consistent schedule and starting small. This way, you can learn more about your audience. For instance, what time of the day receives better engagement? Or what types of emails have a higher open rate?

After you start your campaign, you will notice all the valuable information you can learn about your target audience. Also, if you are doing it right, you will increase your brand’s audience and increase sales!

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