Best Lawyer Websites: Ideas and Design

A Lawyer’s guide to a great website

Every lawyer should have a website. A law firm website is necessary for anyone looking to grow their customer base and establish online credibility.

It is very probable you will need the help of a lawyer at some point in your life. In times of trouble, legal services are something you should easily find with a quick Google search. Events like a car accident, personal injury, social security issues, or workers’ compensation assistance all fall within the realm of the law. This is why having a great website for your legal firm is so important. You want to have a professional website that is easy to find on the internet.

In this article, we will talk about the best website strategies and tips for lawyers who are looking to expand their customer base and increase awareness of their services.

We want your legal firm’s website to be just a google search away by the end of this article. The law is not only limited to emergencies. A respectable lawyer’s website should include everything from your location to testimonies of your work and services. Let’s get started!

First impression

The first and most important element in your website is your homepage. Your homepage is your first impression, and you certainly want to make it a good one. A picture of your firm’s logo and the right color scheme are tantamount to success. The logo of a professional lawyer’s website should be proper and well made. We also suggest including the main takeaway points on your homepage. Examples of this are:
  • what areas you service and
  • what services you offer.
Keep it simple and straight to the point. Take the following website from Padgham Law Firm as an example:
Website for lawyer 01
Title lets visitors know the law firm’s specialty and location

The website displays an elegant image that stands for the balance and fairness the law represents. The homepage title also lets visitors know the law firm’s specialty and location. The simplicity of design inspires confidence and trust.

As you scroll down your homepage, we advise expanding on the different services you offer. Your law firm’s area of expertise should be clear and well stated. Padgham Law gives us a great example of the breakdown of their services: auto accident law, personal injury law, social security law and workers’ compensation law.

Website for law firm
Make easy to understand section of services

As you can see, the images are all of high quality and they describe the different selection of services offered. Clicking any of the images will direct you to a page that describes the service in more detail. Your knowledge of each section should display your authority of the subjects and your expertise. Think of each section as a means to inspire trust in your future clients.

Tip: Use professional looking pictures showcasing the elegance of the law. Website visitors like to see images of lawyers smiling and being confident. This inspires trust and helps future clients relate to the firm.

Website for lawyer 03
Use professional looking pictures showcasing the elegance of the law

The Main Menu: The backbone of your website

Make sure your website is easy to navigate. Legal terms are already hard enough to understand. Make it easier for your website visitors to find what they are looking for. A website menu should be at the top of the page and easy to access. The lettering should be easily legible and should stand out from the background.


You can include a tab for each of your services or you can include a subsection with the main services people are looking for. Within each section, we suggest you explain your typical process with a client. Be clear about how you do business.

Having a detailed description of your services is crucial, but you should also have a clear process of how your website visitor can contact you

  • Do not only include the services you want to sell. The most popular services are usually the ones that will get people in the door. Include valuable information about your process and how you typically work. Such as:
    You require an initial consultation to talk about onboarding new clients.
  • How the process unfolds. After consultation, you talk about quoted price and/or billable hours.

The element of trust

When website visitors are searching for a lawyer, they need reassurance before they decide to hire representation. Trust is the most important aspect. A future client must be able to get a professional and trustworthy opinion from your website layout and your description. Your website should talk about who you are and what your firm stands for.

The most important question a website visitor must answer is, “is this legal firm going to help me?” A clear detailed description of your process is key to let customers know how you can be their solution.

Have a concise explanation of what steps interested visitors should expect from hiring you. For example, do you offer a one-on-one consultation to onboarding clients? Remember, website visitors are not familiar with how you work, make it second nature for them to follow along.

Call to action buttons

In the case of websites for lawyers, we suggest not including Call to Action buttons saying, “Pay Now”. Call to action buttons are great, but using the right ones is the correct way to go. Instead, use “ Contact Us” or “Schedule a Meeting” . This way you inspire trust to your website visitors about your services and you have the opportunity to assess if you can properly be able to deal with their legal issues.


This section is very important. Studies have shown that people are very influenced by other people’s reviews online. They trust other “customers like them”. If you still do not have online reviews, make sure you are listed in online directories or social media platforms so people know where to leave their reviews. It is also never too much to ask your customers for a review in the form of a call to action button.

Contact us

 This section should be short and easy. Include your physical address, your contact information and a map of where your office is located. Make sure to include your email, numbers and any other online information such as social platforms to tell your customers more about you.

The tips discussed in this article will help you create a successful website for your law firm that connects you with new customers. Airodigital believes in online growth for small businesses. We work every day with lawyers and law firms to bring the best quality websites at an affordable price. We emphasize original website design and website maintenance. If you would like to know more about our different services, send us an email or give us a call today.

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