How does COVID-19 affect my Small Business?

“How website maintenance and tech solutions will keep you ahead of the game.”

Ask yourself: What is the face of your business right now? The answer is your online presence! This is the moment where your website will rise or be buried by better, more efficient websites. It is crucial for you to stay ahead of the game. Your website design and maintenance must be running perfectly. 

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Importance of online presence for small businesses

Take Verizon’s CEO. He states, “web traffic spiked 20% in one week amid coronavirus shutdown!” (CNBC) This is only one week; the pandemic is expected to last months. The need to connect with the world via the internet is quickly becoming a necessity. Businesses are resorting to online sales to keep up with the growing online market. With everyone locked up, all brick and mortar stores have been forced to close. Online business is booming!

It is no surprise website maintenance services are skyrocketing. Large corporations as well as small business owners are looking for solutions. They want alternate ways to optimize their websites.

A few of their concerns are:

  • better payment processing
  • more work-from-home efficiency for employees
  • targeted strategies to promote the online business
  • Ways to optimize website layouts to encourage more sales

If any of these ( or all of them! ) sound familiar, then this article will offer you some guidance.

Smooth E-Commerce checkouts bring return customers.

An online payment gateway is an easy and convenient solution for your small business website. It accepts all major credit cards (including Paypal).

Why is it great? It is flexible and easy to understand. Whether your customer is tech-savvy or not, this straightforward tool makes buying anything a piece of cake. Payment gateways are designed with the customer in mind. Having a smooth transaction ensures completion of payment and customer satisfaction. If paying is a breeze, the customer will be more willing to buy again in the future.

Keep your team running efficiently (from home).

Due to the current pandemic, people must work from home. Employers are looking for more ways to ease this new working situation. The possibilities can get very creative, but all you really need is to find a specific solution that is catered to your business’ needs. Some examples include branded professional emails and private online databases for file sharing. Other websites merit more customer focused approaches such as live chat services or subscription-based websites with login access.

Why is it great? Keeping your team employed and working equates to a healthy business. If you can adapt and overcome the limitations of the social distancing restrictions, you can stay in business. Technology has evolved very quickly and there are plenty of tools at your disposition. Talk to one of Airodigital’s website managers to find customized tools perfect for your small business website.

Grow online

Promote Your Business. Grow online.

Website Maintenance is your best ally when it comes to organically promoting your website. Now that personal encounters are no longer a viable option, online marketing is the top choice. Many business owners are being affected by not being able to meet clients face to face. The good news is that a modern website with impeccable optimization can really bring in new clients.

Why is it great? It is way easier than you think. Setting up a routine maintenance for your website will lead you on the path to success. Promoting your business can happen by more than one way. One is to actively pay for a promotion campaign. Another option is ensuring you have a quality SEO service every month. These services specialize in helping you rank higher on Google searches or by ensuring you are properly listed on directories. Call Airodigital to find out more about our customized SEO services.

web traffic covid19
Business Web Traffic on COVID-19 Shutdown

Modern websites sell more!

Web design and layout is more important than you may imagine. Having a site that is user friendly and visually appealing is one of the main reasons why a person decides to return to a website.

Why is it great? According to BCS, 75% of website visitors judge a business’s credibility by the website design. If a visitor has trouble finding something, they simply look for another website that is easier to navigate. Prioritizing a good website aesthetic will help you create a more established brand on the internet. Airodigital prides itself in having a team of professional designers with user experience. They specialize in finding the best way to organize your website for ease of navigation.

New times bring new problems. With an innovative and energetic team, Airodigital strives for the best customer experience. We want your small business to be successful. We understand you have to focus harder on adapting to the new market situation and we love doing what we do best: websites. To hire a professional web design and maintenance company that will help you take care of these new obstacles you might be facing, give us a call at (866) 603-5290 or email us at