How do I update and manage my website after it launches?

Our service includes unlimited updates for your website and it will always be that way. In case you want to add new services, pictures, information or simply modify it a bit, we’ll take care of it for you. You just need to simply give us a call to communicate the changes or send us an […]

How do I purchase a domain name?

We take care of purchasing a domain and keep it active for you (up to 2 domains per website). If the domain you wish is not available, we can always provide you with alternatives that will be keyword rich to fit and help with the ranking of your website.

What is website hosting?

By hosting, we refer to the place where your website is located with all the files and information that is necessary to function. We use superior hosting to make sure that the speed of your website will always be the best.

Can I see my website while it’s in progress?

We find it is best to let our website designers do what they do best. Creating a website from scratch with your aesthetic and content is a process with many different layers. We encourage our customers to wait until the final website is presented. This way you can evaluate your website at its full potential.

Is there a charge for every update?

Absolutely not!  Whether you need a quick update or a big redesign, Airodigital offers unlimited updates to ensure your peace of mind and your satisfaction. Our project managers are always available to guide you. Feel free to call us and/or send us an email as many times as you need.

How many updates does my website need?

It all depends on you as a customer and your industry. If you communicate with us what you want, we will do our best to get it just right the first time. We do understand creating websites is a joint process with the customer. We are prepared to make additional changes once the customer takes […]

Will you help me through the process of developing my website?

Absolutely. The first step when you sign up with Airodigital is scheduling a meeting with your assigned project manager.  Your project manager (PM) will walk you through the entire process. Your PM will also help you develop your creative ideas and website goals.

What if I don’t have a website?

We make brand new websites for new customers regularly. It is never too late to be a part of the online world. Airodigital is prepared to guide you through the process of developing your website concept and making sure your website fits your company’s needs.

Do I have to provide the content and/or photos for the website?

Yes. If you have a brand new website, we will want pictures of your logo, products and any other brand elements you want to showcase. If you have a previous website, we can use this content for your new website.  Don’t have pictures? Our web designers can find suitable stock photos to give your website […]